Drop-Off Catering

Our self-service taco bars are delivered directly to you and set up by our staff. Each delivery includes complimentary chips, roasted tomato-mint salsa, onions, cilantro and limes, as well as our three signature salsas: avocado-tomatillo, smoky chipotle, and habanero. 

Drop-off catering requires a $500 food minimum, but we can accommodate smaller-sized orders for pick-up at any location (call us at 415-649-6077). To accommodate your request—particularly a preferred delivery time—we ask that you place your order 48 hours in advance. 

Our online drop-off menu is designed so that you can order per person. Enter your order below or feel free to contact us at events@tacolicious.com for assistance with customizing a menu. Once the order is filled out and submitted, we will reply with an email confirmation with a confirmed quote. Orders are pending until you have issued a major credit card for payment.

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TACO BAR $16.00 / person
serves three tacos per person
ADDITIONAL SIDES   Portions are priced per person

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(estimated tax and delivery charges will be added to final invoice)

Thank you for submitting your order for Tacolicious! Please note that this is only an estimate and your order is not yet finalized. A Tacolicious manager will be reaching out to you shortly to review and confirm your order.