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Eat Tacos, Will Travel: Tacolicious Raises Money to Build a School in Nicaragua with buildOn

If you’re a die-hard T-lish fan, you may already know that education is the biggest focus of our charitable giving program. What you may not know is that we’re taking our partnership with buildOn, a non-profit committed to breaking the cycle of poverty, illiteracy and low expectations through service and education, one step further. The proceeds from the Tacolicious School Project at our Marina location have been going towards building a school in Nicaragua. A group of Tacolicious’ friends and family will head down to a town in the northwestern part of Nicaragua to shovel dirt and hammer nails, all in an effort to provide education to those in need.

The Taco Trek, as it’s been dubbed, is a chance for us to directly give back to an underserved community. Leilan, our Valencia Street manager, says, “I’ve never had a chance to give back in such a direct way. I want to be able to see the kids and their reaction when we’ve built the school.”

While we’re there, Tacolicious will spend five days in the village not only building the school, but getting to know some of the local community. We’ll even teach a campfire cooking class with food provided by the locals.

So far we’ve raised 25 percent of our $30,000 goal. If we reach our goal, the $30,000 can provide 125 years of access to a clean, safe school for a child in a developing country.

If you want to help, you can:

  1. Eat at Tacolicious in the Marina on Mondays
  2. Donate here

We’ve chosen to partner with buildOn because they are a veteran in the business of building international schools. BuildOn carefully selects and appoints country ambassadors who help in this process. With over 100 schools built last year, buildOn has traveled to Malawi, Nepal, Haiti and Senegal to provided clean, safe schools for children in developing countries. We’re thrilled to add Nicaragua to their ever-growing list.