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The Tacolicious School Project is In Effect!

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Looking to feel little bit less guilty about the fact that you tend to hoard the chile con queso all to yourself? Think of Mondays as your day to balance the calories with good intentions.

Starting today, Tacolicious—all four of our locations—is back to school, so to speak, donating 15 percent of our proceeds to a neighboring public school every Monday of the month for the rest of the school year. As parents of kids that attend public schools, Joe and I believe that good education is a gift, particularly publicly-funded education. And we all know that our schools are woefully underfunded. This will be the Tacolicious School Project’s third school year. Joe wasn’t on the cover of Edible San Francisco being called “The Mother Teresa of Tacos” for nothing. Well, except for the fact that he looks great in a habit.

So, between 11:30 am and midnight, come in for lunch, dinner—or any time in between—and the education is on us. Kids are welcome. We have crayons and a $7 kid’s menu ending in an ice cream sundae.

Below are the schools that are the beneficiaries of the Tacolicious School Project for the next two months. Check in on Facebook for the rest of the year’s schools.

September: Robert Louis Stevenson Elementary
October: Marina Middle School

September: Daniel Webster Elementary
October: Fairmount Elementary

September: Garfield Elementary
October: Yick Wo Elementary

September: El Carmelo Elementary
October: Willow Oaks Elementary