Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Meet Mosto’s Mezcal Man


Teddy, our resident mezcal expert at Mosto.

Meet Theodore Wylie Ronnie, Mosto’s new-ish (as in last June new) resident mezcal/tequila expert and bartender. Teddy, as he’s known, works the bar Fridays through Tuesdays. If you want an agave education, he’s your man. As you can see, he’s very friendly. Come in and chat him up. —Sarah Qadri (who wrote this but Sara Deseran hasn’t figured out how to show that in the byline)

When did you first starting getting into mezcal and tequila? 
I moved to Jalisco to sell real estate at age 21. I started learning from Sophie Decobecq whose known for applying science to tequila production.

Favorite type of mezcal?
San Juan Del Rio is a great intro to mezcal. It’s made from espadin which is the most common type of agave. It’s soft and easy-drinking.

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 11.47.21 AM

Mosto, your tequila everything

Your go-to tequila? 
Uno Dos Tres. It’s organic, hand-selected agave and a smaller batch production. The producers allow the agave to live its full lifetime which gives it a bigger flavor.

Favorite special occasion mezcal?
El Jolgorio Tobala. It’s really aromatic with some dark fruits balanced with a roasted agave flavor.

Perfect cocktail and taco pairing?

Ya Mon, the tropical and spicy margarita which is on the Mosto menu—I love it with an al pastor taco shaved right off our spit. 
We also have a great nopales-and-cheese taco. It’s a toss up. And then there’s our pescado del dia.


Nopales and cheese taco.

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 11.24.19 AM

Pescado del dia: tuna, blood orange, basil, jalapeño


Mosto (741 Valencia St., SF), our dark and groovy sliver of a tequila bar, is open until 11 pm and has great Mexican street food, an al pastor trompo, over 300 agave-based spirits, and a groovy, full-album playlist. 
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