Monday, February 11, 2013

Stanford Students: No, We’re Not Chipotle. Yes, We’ll Be Open Late.


Tacolicious had its very first foray into the world of higher education. A week ago, our catering team supplied tacos for over 400 Stanford Graduate School of Business students for their annual silent auction, the school’s biggest fundraiser of the year. Last year, they raised $250,000 for charities, including The Boys & Girls Club, Special Olympics, and more. With the school’s crème de la crème giving us our full attention, we took the opportunity to spread the word about Tacolicious Palo Alto and inquire about the coolest, hippest places in our new ’hood.

One of the first students to stop by our stand asked a fair question: “What’s Tacolicious?” Eagerly, I replied, “We’re an upscale, full-service Mexican restaurant with two locations in San Francisco. We’re opening our third in Palo Alto in the next week or two!” I smiled big.

The student took in this information and for a moment, I thought he was going to show a flicker of recognition. Maybe give me a hug.

A few seconds later, a light bulb went off in his head. He said, “Oh, so you’re like a Chipotle!”.


Not all was lost, however. It turns out that though the students don’t (yet) have a clue what Tacolicious is all about, Mexican food speaks to everyone: Once the chips, salsa, and guacamole were set out, madness ensued.


Determined to get some inside scoop about Palo Alto, I accosted a few students. Here’s what they said.

Best outdoor activity?
“There’s this walking trail called The Dish that people travel to Palo Alto for. And the golf course is a place that many people rave about. Another thing that’s interesting to do is to take pilot lessons.” —Natalie

Best bar?
Rose and Crown. It’s kind of divey with a huge beer selection. Oh, and they serve beer in the right glasses!” —Katie

Favorite cheap eat?
Asian Box.” —Katie
Tava Indian Kitchen.” —Natalie
NOLA. Every night ends there. Or, actually, every good night.” —Nathan

What’s the worst part about living in Palo Alto?
“The nightlife. The traffic lights literally start blinking past a certain time.” — Nathan

If there was say, a restaurant serving Mexican food and cocktails late night, and say that restaurant started with T, would people go?
“Yes. Tuesday nights are big during the spring semester. Everyone goes out because there are no classes on Wednesday.” —Nathan

Stanford students, take note: Tacolicious will be open until midnight